maandag 26 augustus 2013

Pink Diva!

Hello! Long time no see! I had lots of personal stuff going on. Life is not allways easy I guess. ;-) But slowly I am recovering, feeling stronger than ever before. I have received some beautiful art works by you, to help you with your art. Thanks everyone for sending me all your e-mails and messages. Will get back to that later, I promise!

Also... I am working on something really, really, really cool at this moment. I can't really believe it myself yet, that I was actually asked to be a teacher at ... Nope. Sorry. I am really not allowed to say anything yet before the 9nd of September. Stay tuned! ;-)

Last friday I had a sort of mini art journal meet, with 3 art-journal friends who I met via a dutch art journalling group. Thanks Ilse, Astrid and Annemiek. We had a lot of fun, thank you ladies! 

2 opmerkingen:

Astrid Stulemeijer (AssiCrafts) zei

Erg leuk die suikerspinnen!! Het was erg gezellig freubelen zo met elkaar :-D Hopelijk tot snel. XOXO

Marieke Blokland zei

Als het aan mij ligt inderdaad tot snel! Ik vond het erg leuk!