vrijdag 4 oktober 2013

Hop, hop, hop! LifeBook Bloghop and Awesome Giveaway!

I am so proud that I will be one of the teachers at Lifebook 2014. You can't imagine how happy I really am! I am working on my lesson and it will be so cool! It's all about sugary colors and drawing fun diva's. But, that is next year. For now I have other cool Lifebook news...

Today is my day of the LifeBook bloghop and it is my turn to give away something really, really cool. You can actually win...

A FREE spot in the Lifebook 2014! 

(Isn't that awesome!?)

What do you need to do to win this cool prize? It is very easy in fact!
1. Like me on Facebook here:
2. Leave a comment below and tell me why you should win that free spot!

That's it. In about one week I will announce the winner.

Click here to learn more about LifeBook 2014

Bloghop list:
12th Sept 2013 - Tamara Laporte -
13th Sept 2013 - Tascha Parkinson –
14th Sept 2013 - Lesley Riley –
15th Sept 2013 - Alena Hennessy -
16th Sept2013 - Kat McBride –
17th Sept 2013 - Carla Sonheim –
18th Sept 2013 - Jane Davenport –
19th Sept 2013 - Danielle Daniel –
20th Sept 2013 - Jennibellie –
23rd Sept2013 - Kelly Hoernig –
24th Sept 2013 - Micki Wilde –
25th Sept 2013 - Kate Thompson –
26th Sept 2013 - Flora Bowley –
27th Sept2013 - Anna Dabrowska –
28th Sept 2013 - Steven Speight –
30th Sept 2013 - Serena Bridgeman –
1st Oct 2013 - Dyan Reaveley –
2nd Oct 2013 - Effy Wild –
3rd Oct 2013 - Carissa Paige –
4th Oct 2013 - Marieke Blokland –
5th Oct 2013 - Christy Tomlinson –
6th Oct 2013 - Traci Bautista –
7th Oct 2013 - Mika Diaz –

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86 opmerkingen:

Total Papercrafts zei

I would so love the chance to win a place on LB2014, it would be fabulous to take some time for ME and to have the opportunity to explore my creativity. Plus of course, I would dearly love to learn more from YOU!

mariska zei

Wat een vraag ....natuurlijk wil ik heel graag winnen!! Tekenles van jou en nog zoveel ander moois om te leren!!
Maar ik vind het bovenal geweldig voor je dat je dit mag doen!

bwheather zei

I should win a spot, because I'm so horribly broke and would really like to be able to spend money on supplies. The other reason is that it would just be so good for my creative spirit to join in learning with so many wonderful teachers. Thanks. ;-)

Linda zei

Ja, ik wil graag!
Ik ben net begonnen met art journal'en en wil nog zoveel leren! De dingen die jij maakt inspireren me enorm (maar weet nog niet zo goed waar ik moet beginnen, jij kunt zo heerlijk 'vrij' creeeren).

Dus ja, ik doe heel graag een poging te winnen!

Anoniem zei

This is a great blog hop, it's introducing me to so many cool artists.
I would love to win a place on LB2014, I think it would really help me with all sorts of things - and just artistic/creative. It seems to be a transformational process for everyone who takes part & I need to make some big changes.
Thanks for the chance to win, I have 'liked' your FB page.

Christine Langemeijer zei

Thank you for give way I been following you for years and
I learned so much from you earlier you tube clips it really got me going on drawing figures and faces so it so nice you in the line up next year and it nice to see a Dutch person in the line up

Sandra van den Bogaard zei

Wow, Marieke! Ik vind het zo leuk dat jij ook tussen al die grote namen staat bij Lifebook. Want wat een verzameling teachers! Ik zou heel graag dat plekje in Lifebook 2014 winnen, niet alleen vanwege jouw aandeel maar ook van anderen als Dyan Reaveley, Dawn Devries Sokol, Traci Bautista, Flors Bowley...moet ik doorgaan?! Pick me! Pick me!

Carla zei

Ga zowiezo lifebook 2014 doen (doe nu 2013), maar winnen is natuurlijk veel leuker. Vast al eens ergens anders gezegd, maar nogmaals leuk voor je dat je mee doet.

Cindy zei

Eerst en vooral super dat je dit mag doen, maar je maakt en tekent dan ook altijd erg mooie dingen. Ik hou helemaal van het creatief bezig zijn en zou dit best wel graag eens volgen, al die lessen om zo nieuwe techniekjes te leren. Helaas beetje krap met het budget dus winnen zou wel superleuk zijn!

CraftyShutterbug zei

Liked you on facebook ;)
I am absolutely the most eager person ever to win a spot on lifebook 2014! I have lots of art and craft supplies that have been gathered over the years of creating as a hobby but now I just took the plunge and became a self employed artist-I am broke! I feel that not only would LifeBook be an amazing source of inspiration for my work, it may also be the journey I am looking for to heal mentally and emotionally.
Thank you for your time-and for sharing your really vibrant work! I can be reached at

Dawn zei

I would totally love to win this spot in Life Book!! There's just so much inspiration and creativity--such a fantastic opportunity to learn and grow artistically!

Emie58 zei

I'd love to win a spot in Lifebook!!!Making art helps keep going... it helps my sanity!!!

Shari Sherman zei

I would love to win a spot because I am in NEED of some creative inspiration!! NEED!! Thanks for the opportunity!

Astrid Stulemeijer (AssiCrafts) zei

Ik zou het geweldig vinden om een plekje te winnen in LB2014. Ik heb nog nooit meegedaan en heb er eigenlijk reuze spijt van. Dus dit jaar ben ik er zeker bij. Wat een geweldige line-up met onze eigen Marieke. Een geweldige kans om veel bij te leren over art en jezelf. XOXO

Art4me zei

Yeah!!! Congratulations for being an instructor for Life Book 2014! What a tremendous honor :)

I would love the opportunity to win a spot in Life Book 2014 so I have the chance to learn from you!

Have a fabulous year.



DogsMom zei

Thank you for this LifeBook chance. I am following you several ways including FB.

I would love the community and support if I won.

CreativSpirit zei

I would love to be able to take classes with all of the talented teachers on next years Lifebook and finding the money is a challenge at the moment, so please please please let me be the lucky winner. :)

Lynda Norton zei

Confess, I have just followed you from Effy's blog to try win a place in Lifebook. But now I have found you I will like your page and seek out your channel to learn more.
Like many I cannot find the funds for lifebook but one year would just love to take part, the teachers get better every year!


Ilse hobbelen zei

jaaaa super een ster van eigen bodem!!! En natuurlijk wil ik ook een pogingetje doen, ik wil leren meer mijn gevoel te volgen dan het stemmetje in mijn hoofd! succes iedereen x

Janelle Marks zei

This class has pend a whole new world for me and allowed me to express myself in ways that I never dreamed of before. I would really love to continue my creative journey by continuing on with Lifebook.

Marianne zei

I would love to win a free spot. It is an amazing opportunity to learn from so many teachers from around the world in a single community. Thank you so much for your generous gift.

Anoniem zei

Would be so excited to win a spot have really been enjoying Lifebook 2013

Anoniem zei

Wow, what a great giveaway. I saw it on facebook, so I had to come over to your blog right away. I would love to win a LifeBook 2014 spot. I am working hard to create a new mindset for myself. Learning to be happy and have fun, instead of worrying and feeling blue. Take life one step at a time and don't let other poeple tell me what I should or should not do.
Being creative, even more so, being creative the way I want to be, is a big part of this journey. And I think the LifeBook spot would fit right in there.

Maggid zei

"liked" - cool . . another facebook inspiration! AND - Americana Paints? I've JUST discovered them . . (nice)

I don't know I SHOULD win a place - I see so many looking for a spot . . I would like to be a guest student - I'm just going to have to trust I'll end up where i'm supposed to be - and everyone else will have their needs met. Thank you for the opportunity - and thank you for posting really fun art!

Gypsy zei


I can't tell you what it would mean to win a spot in Lifebook! I really would like to encourage my university students to be creative, and I have been really trying this year. I have taken some of Willowing's free classes, and have found other things online, but this year, after recovering somewhat from looking after my mother-in-law who had Alzheimer's for 7 years, I really would like to commit time to creating and really healing. It would be a dream come true.

Textile Recycler zei

I would love that free spot because the last 5 years have been horrendous..lots of death, health issues, lost job, etc. I am slowly trying to get my creative act together because I know that art a healer. Time has not always on my side so the weekly classes will keep me on track and focused, which will in turn allow me to heal, move my creativity and build confidence faster. The list of teachers is just phenomenal. What a great opportunity. Thank you...

Alexandra zei

Het lijkt me geweldig een plaats te winnen. Heb begin van het jaar getwijfeld om aan 2013 mee te doen, niet gedaan en spijt van. Dus ja zou heel graag meedoen in 2014! Vindt de lineup geweldig!!

Debby zei

I would so love to win a spot in this class. I have told my friends about this too. Such a thrill to be able to learn from so many gifted artists. I find myself getting too caught up in the mundane details of life that I feel it is going by with no meaning some days. I want to slow down and create.

deb thomas zei

I would love to win a spot in Lifebook. I just started painting about 6 months ago and ready to progress to the next level of my art. What better opportunity then to do this over a year with so many awesome and talented teachers.

Sheri zei

i would love love love to win a spot on LifeBook 2014. The teachers for ext years classes are so awesome. There are so many I would love to take classes from but can't because there are no LSS by me and I can not afford to take classes. zei

Because I'm awesome! :D

Carol McCready zei

I have liked you on FB. And after exploring your blog which I've been following for about a month now, I subscribed to you You Tube channel and started following you on Pinterest.

Why should I be the one to win? I do not think I am more exceptional than anyone else. But I would love to set aside time every day to create. To learn from such fabulous instructors would be awesome, I can't imagine what the
real value of this course is.

When I create I'm calm because that little voice inside me that's screaming "I need to be making art" is silent.

I just plain want to win a spot!

Thanks for the chance.

Cristiana zei

Well I'm no more special than all the others girl are trying to win this free spot...simply i'd like tp win to go on with this creative adventure that helps me to be more happy!

Thanks for this opportunity.

Melanie zei

Yay! I would love to win a spot because I could use the adventure and creative boost that would come from a year of studying and exploring with such a fab group of teachers!

Lara zei

Honestly, who WOULDN'T want to win a spot on LifeBook 2014?! The teacher line-up is amazing! I can't imaging a better group of artists to learn from! I'm new to art, and this course would definitely fill my soul as well as my tool belt!
Anyone who wins this is a lucky person. ♥

Margriet zei

Geen idee waarom IK zou moeten winnen, maar ik wil het wel heel graag :-) Ik doe al mee aan LB 2013 en het is zo'n inspirerende cursus!! Dat wil ik volgend jaar weer!!! En een gratis plaatsje winnen is natuurlijk altijd leuk! De namenlijst voor LB 2014 is heel indrukwekkend, dus ik wil echt heel graag meedoen en weer heel veel leren!!!

Marcie Aspras zei

Hi! I would love to win a spot on LifeBook 2014! I would like to win because I am a caregiver for my family ages 1 week to age 90. I do that joyfully and willingly with lots of love. LifeBook would be what I would do for me. Thanks!!

Kristin zei

I would love to win a spot because the past year has been a very emotional and turmoil filled year. I lost sight of all the things I loved and I stopped appreciating myself. I think life book would be a fantastic way for me to heal and express the chaos that had built up inside of me. Plus the lineup of teachers looks amazing and I would love to learn from each one of them.

I am also now following you on facebook :)

chicknfun zei

I am new to the art journaling world and CAN NOT GET ENOUGH!! I eat sleep and think night and day about art journaling and what to do next. Winning a spot in. The LB 2014 would give me much needed guidance and creative direction!!

Denise Smart zei

What a thrill it would be to be able to learn from so many very talented artists.Thanks for giving us this chance.

Danielle Brochner zei

I really need to win a spot in the Lifebook 2014 class! Art has become my saving grace and healer. It has helped me in so many ways to heal the wounds from my past and to find happiness in the present moment. Lifebook 2014 is just the prescription I need to stay healthy, happy and creative! Thank you for the opportunity!

***bcbine*** zei

Dear Marieke,
i want to win a space in Lifebook 2014, because it sounds so creative.
There are so awesome teachers. This is my reason to be a part of Lifebook 2014.
Sabinek from good old germany.

Carla zei

Vind je facebook natuurlijk al langggggg leuk ;)
En winnen lijkt mij super tof....

Linda zei

I really need something to jump start me again in my art. Since we moved my creativity has been in a slump. Help.

Linda de Bruin zei

Waarom lifebook 2014? Nou omdat ik niet kan tekenen, maar dat heel graag wil leren. En wat hebben jullie allemaal talent! Als dat nu een klein beetje, gewoon ietsie, mij aanraakt, wow! Dan joepiedepoepie.

Ursula zei

I liked your fb page - and I would love to win because it would just be awesome!
I have always been creative and crafty and done so many things ... including handmaking and selling buttons. :-) I just discovered mixed media recently - and it felt like "coming home". Finally I can use all those things I love - paper, paints, pens ... I can paint, draw, smoosh around, write ... It feels just so amazing! I still have ALOT to learn, but it is so awesome. It makes my heart sing and just feels so right. To be part of this course would just be an amazing opportunity to learn, to be inspired, to grow, to develop my art ... and not just for a few weeks, but for a whole year. Awesome!

Thanks for the chance to win!


ursula @ ursulamarkgraf . com

Paula zei

There is absolutely no reason why I should win a spot on Life Book 2014 over anybody else. I'm not more (or less) special or more (or less) in need. But, I definitely do need more art back in my life, and Life Book would help tremendously :-) Congratulations on your teaching spot on Life Book and thanks for the chance to win!

Carol zei

I have liked you on Facebook and would be so thrilled to win a spot on this great adventure!!!! I'm trying hard to scrape up the money to pay for it ...but it's so hard to find extra cash right now .

Bernardine zei

Liken op Facebook doe ik allang! :-)
En op Pinterest heb ik ook op het knopje gedrukt. Dus dat is het allemaal niet!

Maar nu nog dat winnen! Ik hoop dat je gewoon een lootje trekt, want de argumenten hier boven mij zijn steekhoudender dan de mijne: het lijkt mij gewoon supertof om aan het einde van 2014 (oei wat klinkt dat ver) terug te kijken op een creatief jaar....

En ook als ik niet win, vind ik het supertof dat je tussen al die "grote" dames staat: Traci Bautista, Carla Sonheim, Jane Davenport, Dyan Reavely.... Echt stoer!!!

stacie zei

So would love to win that spot!!! My son is heading off to college next year, so it's going to be tough coming up with any extra funds. I'm taking LB 13 now and so love it!

purplestitches zei

I would love to win a spot in Life Book 2014. I'm very new to mixed media and art journalling and finding it difficult to tap my inner art self. This would be a great way to discover that part of me. Thank you for the opportunity. I've liked your facebook page.

Artzy Empress zei

I would love to win a spot in Life Book 2014 so that I will have the opportunity to study with the best artists online! If I don't win a spot, I will not be able to take it.

landscapelady zei

This sounds like so much fun! The community alone is worth the cost and free is always good if I won :-)

Crafty Moira zei

Omg I would love to win. I'm trying to keep up my art momentum year round and this amazing class would be a huge help! Plus I've just discovered your art and can't wait for a peek behind the curtain!

Tammy zei

I would love to win a spot in LB 2014, but I do not think I'm anymore deserving than anyone else. We all deserve a spot! Unfortunately you can only pick one. Good luck to us all!

M. Austen zei

Congratulations on being an instructor for LifeBook 2014!! How exciting! Thank you for this opportunity. I would so enjoy being a part of Life Book 2014 and can't wait for your lesson. I look forward to this year long art journey!! Blessings,

LindieLee zei

Congrats on being a teacher in LifeBook. You know, none of the teacher have asked to say, why we SHOULD win. Um....Hard to answer that since it's all in the luck of the draw but I would like to win to have access to a whole bunch of fabulous teachers and new techniques - I need newness and freshness in my life.

Ali Gitt zei

So would love to learn from artists around the world.

ceruleanblue zei

I would love to win a spot on LB2014 to expand my artistic horizons even further!

Vicki zei

I would like to win because I would like to develop a purposeful art practice. I am a beginner and I would like to learn from all of these fabulous teachers. I can be a bit of a procrastinator when left to my own devices because, like many, I worry that I am not very good and should not bother

sweet mama zei

Ik zou scrappen graag een niveautje op willen krikken door deze geweldige lessen te volgen! Een oud youtube filmpje van je over doodles heeft me al in de juiste richting geholpen. Veel succes met deze leuke uitdaging in ieder geval!

Melanie zei

I would love to win! I love the them of self healing next year. I have enjoyed LB13 and am looking forward to learning more in 14.

Roselily zei

Thanks a lot for the chance to win a spot at this amazing gathering of incredible artists ! I would love to take the classes to get out of my "routines" and get some new and fresh inspiration ;-)

Deanna Hogan zei

Winning a spot on Life Book 2014 would be a happy thrill for me. It's such a wonderful course, and I've learned so much in 2013!

tutorial girl zei

I finally discovered this year that playing with color mean so much too me, that I could be better person because of it. Also it is nice to work with other people and learn from them. If I could win I will be super exited.

Eliza DrugaSzesnaście zei

I would love to be part of LB experience...
somehow I feel I'm in between different stages in my art. letting go of old ways, trying completely new things and all the time desperately trying to figure out where all this is taking me...
and trying to find the courage to let this new me bloom...

Lindsay Rose zei

I have been pining over Lifebook since it first began but never had the funds to take part. This session has so many beautiful and talented creatives that I think it would be a real treat to get the opportunity.

pam thorburn zei

Liked your facebook page -I would love to win the free course place, but I'm no more deserving than anyone else who would love to win I'm afraid...I simply love to learn and to create.

Ramblings of a Peace Corps Volunteer zei

I would love to win a spot in the Lifebook class so I have something fun to do when grad school gets too stressful. Plus I love to journal and have never taken an online class before! Thanks!

postalorphan zei

Love your figures! I'd love to win a spot in Lifebook - I need something to recharge my creative batteries, as they have been running low lately. I'm off to your youtube channel for a shot of inspiration! Thanks for the chance!

Courtney zei

The purpose of art is washing the dust of our daily life off our souls. -PIcasso

Art it that to me. It washes away the worries, stresses, and overwhelming moments of daily life. And for that reason, I would love to be selected to win a spot on LB 2014!

Thank you for the opportunity.

Lori W zei

I liked you on FB! I am still working through this year's Lifebook and have been so impressed with all the techniques...would love to win a spot in 2014!

Melanie zei

Zo, dat zijn al veel reacties zeg :) ook mij lijkt het leuk om een plekje te winnen voor lifebook. En ik heb je geliked ;) op facebook. ( sinds kort ben ik helemaal into the facebook, beter laat dan nooit)
Liefs, Melanie

Deb, Mark, Mandi, Jess zei

Hello, I would love to win a seat so that I can start off the week on a positive note, to start my week with creativity lightens the soul.
thanks for the chance
deb m

Yvonne zei

Lifebook lijkt me geweldig en ik wil hoe dan ook mee gaan doen.
Al die geweldige mensen die hieraan meewerken....wat zal ik hier een hoop van leren en wat zal mijn creativiteit een hoop inspiratie krijgen.

Mieke zei

Natuurlijk wil ik ook graag, net als alle andere, een plekje winnen voor Lifebook 2014.

Sandra's Handmade zei

Wat een geweldig initiatief. Ik ga sowieso meedoen met lifebook. Maar het zou natuurlijk enorm in de kosten schelen als ik de les zou winnen :)

Waarom ik wil winnen, omdat ik gewoon zoooooooo ontzettend graag mee wil doen met lifebook en graag een les van jou wil krijgen in het leren tekenen van die "sprekende" gezichten.

Miss Bohemia zei

I would love the chance to take part in this amazing LB2014. I recently started drawing and painting after not painting for a very long time and this course would help me fulfill part of my journey of re-connecting with my inner creative self. Plus the fabulous teachers is like the icing on the cake. Thank you!

altermyworld zei

Would love to takee this course, its all about money to me right now, i have none, and really want to spiritually grow and learn some new art techniques

Creativeoutletter zei

Hoi Marieke,

Superbedankt voor de kans om een gratis 'spot' te winnen in LB2014! Jouw youtube filmpjes hebben me geïnspireerd om het art journallen te gaan leren. Ik ben er nu helemaal verslingerd an geraakt. Ik hoop nog veel van jou en de andere LB-teachers te mogen leren!

Darcy UK zei

I would be thrilled to win a place next year, I have been working hard doing stuff for other people and would love to make art just for me.

to_csh zei

So excited for Lifebook 2014! I think it is the most amazing course! To be exposed to all the wonderful instructors and their talent and techniques!

Renu zei

I would love to take the LB2014. The artist lineup is fantastic and the opportunity to grow in spirit and art is amazing. Thank you for the opportunity.

Priya zei

This course is so in line with my new life goal, celebrate me and my life. Would be great to celebrate it with a great community of like minded people

Joyce zei

Having a whole year all planned out is just what I need to rejuvenate my creative juices. I have lots of new supplies that I need to learn how to use. This also gives me the chance to share with my 2 granddaughters age 8 and 14. They love to create art with Grandma and I am enjoying watching them become artists.

Marieke Blokland zei

Lovely people, the give away is now closed. Xox marieke