dinsdag 5 november 2013

Work in progress: my Lifebook2014 lesson!

I am having so much fun working on my Lifebook lesson. Now editing and nearly done filming. It's all super exciting and I am so much looking forward how you'll all respond to it. 

(Of course you have all ready gotten yourself a lifebook 2014 subscription via my affiliate link, right?!!? ;-) )
If you haven't subscribed to LifeBook yet, but planned doing so, make sure to use this affiiate link, so that I'll receive a compensation for all my hard work :-)

Make sure you don't miss LifeBook2014, because all the coolest MixedMedia Artist are there. Have a look here if yout want ro read the entire list. 

We're allready with a whole bunch of super excited Lifebook fans in the Lifebook2014 ning group introducing ourselves to one another. Wouldn't it be awesome to allready meet a bunch of other Lifebook enthusiast there?

Screenshots of my LifeBook2014 lesson called "Sugar, Sugar!" Here I am making a background my style, teaching something about drawing super easy characters and showing you how I color a face (slowwwly, not in fast motion). Again, I really hope I will be seeing you at Lifebook2014!

3 opmerkingen:

Anne zei

Hi, leuk je werk te zien. dan weet ik een beetje wat ik kan verwachten met lifebook 2014, ik heb er super veel zin in!

Herma Starreveld zei

O, wat krijg ik nu een zin! het ziet er super leuk uit!

Anneke Wijers zei

Hoi Marieke, hoe moet dat, registreren via jou? Als ik op die link klik, kom ik toch op die algemene site terecht. Klopt dat? Ik dacht, dat als ik via jou registreer, dat jij daar dan wat aan hebt. Dat wou ik dus doen. Ik hoor het wel. Groetjes Anneke