maandag 30 december 2013

LifeBook2014 is almost starting!

Hello Arty Blog Readers!

I am so excited that LifeBook2014 is starting in only 2 days! The month of January, in which you will find my lesson as well (in week 5) the main theme will be "Celebrating of new beginnings." 

Today my husband took the kids to a playground so that I am home alone to finish my lesson. I'm now working on the details of my pdf that will accompany my video lesson. It will all be sooo very awesome!

If you haven's signed up for Lifebook2014 yet, take this opportunity right now, as never before there were so many cool teachers in one online course. Already 1400 people have signed up and 900+ are at this very moment sharing art and having a lot on fun in the secret LB2014 facebook group. You don't want to miss that!!!!

Please use my affiliate link to sign up and join the LifeBook 2014 fun!
Click this link to sign up now!

A screenshot of my .pdf in the making!

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