zaterdag 15 februari 2014

Top 8 art supplies to use on a sad day

Most of my followers like happy art. "Happy art for happy people". In general I am a happy person. But sometimes I drown in my tears. I can be very emotional and than I not only feel like crying all day, I sometimes actually do cry all day. About everything. About a a dead bird in my garden. An innocent child I saw on television who broke my heart. The fact that I ran out of coffee. You name it, I have probably cried about it.

This sad feelings, that I guess most of you can relate to, you can easily translate into very pretty art. Here is a list of art supplies that are very suitable for your sad mood and will bring you instant happiness! :-)

Top 8 art supplies to use on a sad day

1. Blue paint
If there is any color that will suit a blue mood, it is of course... blue. I admit straight away that blue is not an orginal color to use, when you feel, eh, blue, but blue allways does the trick for me. Blue paint is like fluid sadness in a bottle. How happy is that!

2. Black gesso
Cover up those white pages and start your art from total blackness. Just because sometimes it feels so darn good to soak in your own gloomy thoughts. (For a while, don't stay there for too long. ;) ) Making something really dark and black that once was white will make you feel better instantly. Black gesso to an artist is like a box ball to a sporter.

3. Water colors
Painting with watercolors is like painting with tears. Make your blank page wet and drip on it with watercolors. Drown in your sadness, and within 30 minutes you'll feel a lot happier. :-)

4. 1" or 2" inch freestyle brushes
Attack your painting with a thick flat brush, as if you were a knight and your brush a sword. You will feel so reliefed afterwards, I promiss!

5. Water-resistant crayons
Most mixed media lovers I know use water-soluble crayons. But when you feel sad, try to use the water-resistant ones instead. You'll feel really ehrm, well, resistant  using water-resistant wax pastels!

6. Spray ink
Spray ink will make you feel very arty, grungy and recalcitrant, hehe!

7. Super heavy gel
Sometimes when you are going through stuff, it will feel as if there is something super heavy on your shoulders. I am convinced that the super heavy gel once is developed especially  for those days ;-)

8. Dip pens
Because they are so old fashioned. There is just something about dipping a pen into a bottle of black ink that will bring inner peace. :-). 

And now it is your turn. What art supplies do you love to use when you are feeling blue?

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Alda zei

Geweldig Marieke, dank voor de inspiratie.

madameplushbottom zei

Love this post - interesting perspective you have taken.