woensdag 11 juni 2014

Tutti Colori: Color Inspiration by Bloknote

I was making a color palette the other day and I realized that years ago I used to have these 'color inspiration' blocks on my blog. That was before the Pinterest age ;-) 

I myself love all those inspiring color palettes on Pinterest so I figured it my be nice to put some color inspiration on my blog regularly again for to to inspire you with your mixed media art or art journaling, or for whatever art or craft you need inspiration. Hope you will enjoy! If you have made anything with this color palette, I would love to see it!
Marieke xxx

3 opmerkingen:

enelya zei

will give this a try tomorrow....

Iris zei

You know I have a ton of those old colour inspiration images saved on my computer! They were so helpful, love that you're doing it again.

Marieke Blokland zei

That is so nice to hear! I will put them on the blog regularly again! :-) XXX