dinsdag 30 september 2014

Typography nerds united!

Did I ever tell you I am a font nerd? Probably I did. :) 

And if not: well, I am. 

Frutiger, Helvetica? I dig it. I have a secret love-affair with Bombshell. I adore Veneer. (It is the font I use for Bloknote.) I studied graphic design at the Academy of Arts St Joost in Breda, so I am educated to be a graphic designer. When you start talking about fonts to me, it is very likely that I start rambling about fonts for two hours. Even about comic sans.

Heidi Swapp
I am an art-journaler. I am an illustrator. I am a designer. I am a YouTuber. I am a mixed media artist. But I am also a.... scrapper! For me scrapbooking is a creative hobby that feeds my designer heart. I love the pretty, well designed surface designs of scrapbook papers or project life cards. Scrapbook designer Heidi Swapp ( is one of my personal heroes. You won't see me using her work a lot here, as, well, I am a designer myself. But I do follow her work and admire it a lot. She brought style to scrapbooking.

Heidi is a graphic designer who pays close attention to trends in design. One of the things Heidi Swapp does well is incorporating the popular hand lettering in her awesome designs. 

The New Calligraphy
Calligraphy old-fashioned? Nope, not anymore! Hand lettering is more popular than ever. And calligraphy is embraced again as an old friend, but a friend wearing an übercool new coat.

To show you that hand-lettering and modern calligraphy is not as hard as it looks (and to be able to talk about fonts all day!), I have developed two short workshops for the Dutch scrapbook shop Creatief Centrum Heesch on Sunday October 19th.

The first workshop is a workshop where you can learn about lettering with a fine liner, starting with your own handwriting. In the second workshop I will teach you how you can make those really pretty, swirly modern calligraphed letters with a fancy dip pen in a very easy way. 
The two workshops combine very well, as in the first I will show you the somewhat more easy techniques. All those techniques you can incorporate in the second workshop and you can really bring your lettering to a higher level. 

It is not about making the final projects, you will really learn a lot about lettering in these workshops!

There are still some spots available for both, so book your workshops now!
Would love to meet you there! :-)

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